Great River Connections Academy Recognizes Batavia StudentStudent of the Month Award recognizes achievements in and out of the virtual classroom

Anastasia McAdams of Batavia was recently named one of Great River Connections Academy’s (GRCA) Students of the Month in recognition of her outstanding achievements and leadership in the virtual classroom.

“Our students of the month demonstrate leadership and an extraordinary commitment to learning while serving as strong role models for their peers,” said Jason Swinehart, Principal at Great River Connections Academy. “The members of our faculty and staff are proud to give these virtual classroom leaders the recognition they deserve.”

Anastasia is a fourth grader at Great River Connections Academy. According to her mother, Janie, they enrolled Anastasia in the online school last year to be in a more individualized learning environment.

Among the things they appreciate the most about Great River Connections Academy are the flexibility for Anastasia to work at her own pace and the care and support she receives from the teachers.

According to Anastasia, she believes her teachers are very personable and always available to help.

“Anytime I don’t understand something they are right there,” she said.

As a Student of the Month, Anastasia will receive a certificate of achievement and be profiled in the Great River Connections Academy student newsletter and the school’s social media platforms.

Virtual school is a great fit for a variety of students and each student is unique. Those who attend Great River Connections Academy come from different backgrounds and choose full-time online school for various reasons. Some students prefer to take ownership of their education and benefit from the flexibility that virtual school offers, while others are looking for a safe learning environment.

Great River Connections Academy is hosting online information sessions for families interested in learning more about virtual education. A complete schedule of events as well as more information about Great River Connections Academy is available at or by calling 1-(800) 382-6010.

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