District 101 Seeks Help Understanding Referendum Voters Narrowly Rejected

BATAVIA, IL — Batavia Public School District 101 (BPS101) is seeking feedback from the community to help them understand the narrow voter rejection of the referendum on the November 8, 2022 ballot. The District will then use this feedback to help them take the next steps.

BPS101 placed a $140 million referendum question on the November ballot, which was turned down by only 24 votes; with over 14,000 voters casting ballots, the margin was a mere 0.17%. The next step for the District is to determine the factors that led to this result.

Superintendent Hichens states, “The facility needs are clear, present, and growing, so we need the community to help us with a plan to move forward.”

BPS101 is asking all members of the BPS101 community to visit a newly created page to engage in this process: bps101.net/referendum. On this page, you will find a survey and a feedback form. The deadline for survey submission is December 16, 2022.

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