Batavia council approves grant for downtown orthodontist office, amends city liquor code – Shaw Local

The Batavia City Council approved a $20,000 grant for a new orthodontic clinic in its downtown area.

The grant for the new building, which is located at 950 West Wilson St., was approved during Monday night’s meeting.

“The total project budget for this is $1.6 million,” said Alderman Alan Wolff. “This is only a $20,000 grant. That’s what we have available in the grant plan for the Gateway Improvement side.”

The new clinic will be built from scratch on a currently empty lot, according to documents.

“I wanted to thank the City Council, it’s greatly appreciated with the cost of everything going up,” said owner John Wazio Jr. “This is a nice little boost here right before Christmas.”

The council also struck a section of the city’s liquor code barring the sale of alcohol online or by phone.

According to documents, the online sale of alcohol had become commonplace nationwide.

Additionally, the minimum size requirement of 1,400 square feet for an establishment to gain a Class B-1 liquor license was removed, the ordinance states.

The change was made in response to inquiries about opening small “wine club” style businesses in the city, according to documents.

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